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The slopes of Borovets generally have permanent snow cover from December to April. The air in Borovets is clear and unpolluted. There are excellent ski runs for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers, with international markings and multilingual signs. Pistes are maintained to the highest standards.

Borovets is the oldest and the largest mountain ski resort in Bulgaria. Situated at 1350m above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain among mature pine woods, Borovets is located at the foot of peak Moussala (2925m) - the highest one on the Balkan Peninsula.

Borovets is easily accessible, only 73km (1 hour) from Sofia and 126km from Plovdiv. The town of Samokov is only 10km down the road from the resort.

Borovets was established at the end of the 19th century as a hunting place for the Bulgarian kings. Borovets has gradually developed into a modern ski resort of luxury hotels, ski chalets, high quality restaurants and bars. A holiday in Borovets is a great experience.

Borovets provides the whole range of winter sports - from Alpine sports to cross- country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon. The resort twice hosted World Cup Alpine skiing rounds, while the biathlon track is one of the best in the world.

The ski runs of borovets are located in three different regions. The first consists of two sub regions - Sitnyakovo with 4 ski runs and Martinovi Baraki with 4 difficult ski runs. The difficult runs are used for slaloming while their lower parts there are special runs for beginners.

The second region - Yastrebets - includes 3 runs which are used for international competitions.

Markudjika, the third region, is the highest in the mountain at 2,550m above the sea level with the longest lasting snow cover. One of them - Markudjik 3 has been approved by International Skiing Federation for giant slalom competitions.

Cross-country and biathlon tracks are located 2 km away from the resort together with the cross-country tuition tracks. The runs for the ski jump are 75 and 50 m long and are serviced by a chair lift.